The Silver Mists wolfpack was born in 2001 when three wolves decided life had grown too complicated after the disappearance of their alpha MoOnPaW, who had led the Night Winds. RebellionWlf and SnowWolf founded the pack using the name Alicorn had come up with and made her alpha, too, creating the first alpha trio. RebellionWlf and SnowWolf later died, their players reincarnating as Katara and ShadowWlf, who held the rank of beta pair at first. RebelWolf, Alicorn’s mate, later settled in to be alpha male off and on over the years. Along with Alicorn’s adoptive daughter FirE^PawS, these wolves were and always shall be the heart of the pack, along with Honored Guests such as Silverlune Kintex (now SilverPaws, Alpha of Dawn Runners) and Kalari (now Vedetta of Dragoste Toate) who shall always be treated as packmates, though they run with different packs now. Malkoei and Indica are played by the same humans as RebelWolf and Alicorn.

While things were slow at first, the pack soon thrived. The Silver Mists believed in doing things differently, mingling old wolf roleplay traditions with new ones of their own. We did not expect to amount to much, content in our small family, but the pack grew, at one point reaching over forty active members with an entire team of sentinels, guardians, and hunters, each answering to a Head. The Silver Mists welcomed all who were willing to follow their rules and so became a haven for the misfits whose personalities didn’t quite jive with the other packs. We treated visiting Alphas with utmost respect, kept them informed of any issues we experienced with their subordinates in our lands, and voted on everything from promotions to banishments, with the accused always being given a trial. We follow traditional hunting law: howling for the kill, offering the heart to the Alpha, letting the pups eat first. Being a family, we understand that scuffles break out and allow them to happen, for we are wild animals, after all. We require the recitation of serious vows for taking a mate, accepting a promotion, or joining the pack, and treat such times as momentous occasions. Before a wolf can become a Silver Mist, they must prove their worth not only by assessment but also with a test, such as a feat of strength.

We made our home on Mysticia, the one magical aspect of an otherwise (mostly) realistic game. It occurred to us that with each pack scattered across the globe, there was no explanation as to how we could so easily travel place to place. Thus came the idea of a misty, moving island connected to many lands by a sandbar, which can form at any shore of the world. Even more curious, the Silver Mists shared their island with other packs, such as the Crescent Moons, led by Apolla (who had played FirE^PawS, too), which later merged with us after helping fight off the threat of the Thunder Howls, a rogue pack that claimed many of our members’ lives during the harsh winter of 2004. We buried our dead in Purple Valley, a meadow that blooms purple flowers all year round, and several Sweet Mystics helped us give the bodies of the Thunder Howls to the sea. We later merged with the wolves of Moon Valley, led by Alyth^ (who now plays Roukan, Alpha of Dragoste Toate) who was made Beta, as Apolla had been when her pack merged with Silver Mists.

After losing so many, including her daughter, FirE^PawS, who perished protecting Alyth^ from a cougar, Alicorn stepped down to Elder, promoting Apolla to Alpha alongside Katara in 2005. In April Alyth^ left the pack to be with her mate, Vin, Alpha of the Northern Lights, and Shenandoah took her place as Beta alongside Sayna. When Katara stepped down to focus on motherhood, Sayna acted as alpha female for a while, until the pack agreed that Alicorn should come out of retirement and lead again. Not everyone agreed with these rank changes, and we lost a few wolves, including Sayna. Though ranks would continue to change hands many times of the years, this was luckily the only time hierarchy ever created division within our family.

Katara returned and became Alpha again, creating the second Alpha Trio: Alicorn, Apolla, & Katara. All three later stepped down later that winter due to time constraints. Alicorn became Beta alongside Ghostwolf. Kalari, who had previously been Beta & Gamma, and Shanandoah became the alphas, but Kalari had to leave, abdicating to Lenne, who had similar experience. When Silverlune joined the pack, Alicorn stepped back down to Elder, and Silverlune was made Beta and then later Alpha, until her departure. Shenandoah abdicated to Kalari, and Katara returned to become Beta again. With pack activity dwindling and council unstable, Kalari left the pack, promoting Beta Flames to Alpha. Things died down then, and there is little recorded history from that point until now, although we have regrouped twice since then.

The Silver Mists are friends both as wolves and as humans. Though real life often interferes with our ability to be active in the forest, causing the pack to disband, we are always reborn, the same core members returning each time. The pack disbanded in May 2002, regrouped in May 2004, disbanded again in February 2007, regrouped a year later only to disband again after a matter of months, was born again in September of 2009, faded away, and then returned to life in December 2014. We run for however many seasons we can, reluctantly part ways when we must, and joyfully reunite when life brings us back together again. This refusal to give up, even after all these years, is part of what makes Silver Mists so special, a phoenix that rises again and again from its own ashes, ever changing to suit the needs of its packmates. Even when all hope seems lost, the Silver Mists do not die, for our pack is family, and family lives on whether we are running together or apart. More wolves have passed through Mysticia than can be listed here, but we honor them all and hope to see them come home again someday, even if just for one last visit.

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