Assessment requires all wolves to:

1. Be 12+ years old OOC,
2. have not already been allowed two chances at assessment,
3. ask an Alpha for entrance to assessment in the clearing during a meeting,
4. and undergo an assessment period of two weeks to two months, during which we get to know the new assessment, so we can all be sure they are the proper fit for our pack.
5. Assessment may be waived by pack majority vote.

During initiation, one must:

1. Explain his or her reasons for joining,

2. Perform a complicated task to show that his or her wishes are genuine, such as:

•Hunting a fierce or quick animal and bringing the heart to the Alpha. The heart will be seperated into two halves, to be eaten by the Alpha and the Initiate, showing they are one. The animal will be eaten after the initiation as a celebration feast.

•Fighting a member of the pack whose age and strength is near to that of the Initiate’s. The fighting will take place in the clearing. It goes on until the Initiate manages to pin a member or until an Alpha believes the Initiate has adequately proven themselves.

•Besting a packmate at something, such as swimming or running.

•Retrieving a hidden object or packmate.

3. Once the pack is satisfied that the wolf has proven his or her worth, the assessment will swear an oath to serve and protect the pack until death. The wolf will then be sworn in to their rank, if they have been selected to hold one.