Our home is a timeless, faraway land called Mysticia, an island shrouded in mist, drifting at will through time and space. It is connected to the rest of the world by a sandbar that can appear on any shore during low tide to those whom the island chooses to reveal itself. The sandbar stretches on for miles, and the journey must be made quickly, for at high tide, the water will again swallow the sandbar–and any travelers with it. W

At last, when the water is nearly high enough to cover the sandbar, the shore can be seen. A silvery mist has descended all around, on the land and the sea, so thick one cannot see their paws beneath them. (Ships steer around the mist, for navigating around rocks and whatnot is impossible in the fog.) Beyond the beach there is only forest, and above the trees, the tops of of distant mountains can be seen to the north. To the south, there is now only water, and the sandbar has disappeared.

The island is ripe with flora and fauna, untouched by mankind and other packs, plenty of game to hunt, making the forest constantly alive with squirrel chatter and birdsong. A great river divides the island of Mysticia into East and West. Streams fed by this river irrigate the land, providing water for the lush foliage of the forest.

A small clearing, where wolves laze about, is located in the midst of the southeastern forest. To the left (west), a willow tree stands beside a magnificent river. To the right (east), an oak provides shade over a small pond, some of its great branches spanning across the clearing. A small hill sits beside this pond, a stream trickling down it, and the entrance to a little cavern can be seen, where the pack sleeps.

Beyond this hill, there are many others, a series of short, green hills–the Zephyrs–stretching out to the cliffy eastern shore, which houses a crumbling, abandoned castle — Castle Darkmoon, surrounded by a moat. The pack sometimes takes shelter there in times of danger, and its abandoned halls are a favorite place for pups to play hide and seek. Nearby is another meeting place, which Apolla named Lore Lake, though the body of water in the valley’s center is too small to really be a lake. The clearing is surrounded by dense vegetation and is rather secluded. This is where lore nights are held.

The clearing of the Thunder Howls is bordered to the north and south by forest. A small stream runs by to the east, and the clearing overlooks the western shore. A rocky path leads downhill to the beach, and there are openings in the hill leading to unexplored underground caverns. This clearing in the northwestern part of the forest, close to the start of the Green Mountains. It has long been abandoned, since their departure from Mysticia.

To the north of our clearing, there is a small lake at the foot of a mountain. A waterfall, fed by a mountain stream, keeps this lake full. Alicorn named this waterfall Star Falls, after the one near the Moon Runners’ clearing, her first home. The waterfall hides a crystalline cavern, leading to a complex series of caves. The pack calls the lake the Crystal Lake. The river runs by to the east of this area, veering up into the mountains. One must cross the river to reach this area from our clearing, but that is an easy task, for the current is slow in many places.

The Moon Shadows’ clearing was located just northwest of Star Falls, nestled in a mountain valley. It is about 80 feet in diameter, surrounded to the north, east, and south by lush green mountains. The Star Falls mountain borders to the southwest, making Crystal Lake just a short walk down a mountain path. The soothing sound of the waves crashing to shore can always be heard within this beautiful clearing, which was home to our sister pack before their departure from Mysticia.

The north part of the island is covered in mountains. Several rows of the mountains are covered in green trees. The Silver Mists have named them the Green Mountains on account of it. Nestled somewhere amid these lush mountains is a valley full of purple flowers year-round, almost impossible to find. This is where the Silver Mists bury their deceased loved ones to honor them in death.

The home of the Crescent Moons was nestled in a small valley between the Green Mountains and the Snowy Mountains. During the summer and early fall, it is warm and often breezy, but autumn brings very chill weather and litle warmth. A medium sized stream cuts through the clearing, fed by (and feeding) a lake. The clearing is bordered to the north by rocky, snow-covered mountains and to the south by lush, green forested mountains. To the east, there is another much smaller clearing where meetings are held. Surrounding this small clearing there are different types of flowers, and in the middle there is a rock platform.

As one hands north, the air grows colder. Snow is sprinkled here and there along the ground and in the trees. Farther north, the mountains become more jagged and rocky and are covered with snow. The Silver Mists named these mountains the Snowy Mountains, for they are covered in ice almost year-round, just white shapes in the background. Somewhere in these mountains is a large lake, which we call Ice Lake, as it is frozen in every season but summer. Beyond these mountains lies a vast tundra and the shore of an arctic sea, a cold place that few venture. The river begins here, fed by this sea, and flows south through Mysticia, warming along the way.

It would take several days to journey from the southern shore to the northern shore beyond the tundra. Few of us have ever ventured into the mountains, much less beyond them. We keep to the forested part of the island, where mountain lions are not a threat. Mystica runs on Eastern Standard Time (EST).